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The Heights Ballet & Theatre School

Uniform Back Orders

Some items of uniform are currently out of stock/low stock with our wholesale supplier due to the coronavirus pandemic. These items are on back order and will be delivered out to us as soon as possible. Below you will find a list of the items that are currently on back order and their expected delivery dates from our supplier.

Where there are multiple dates listed, some sizes will be dispatched sooner than others. If only one date is listed, then all sizes have the same expected delivery date. Sizes are only listed once per delivery date, this does not represent the number of items ordered.

(Remember, crossovers - once arrived - will need to be printed with the Heights logo, so may take longer to reach you than the date implied.)

Updated 15/06/2021


Sizes Ordered

Expected Delivery Date

We are experiencing some delays in tap shoe deliveries but are doing our best to speed the process up.