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The Heights Ballet & Theatre School

Pointe Work

All the information you need for starting pointe work at The Heights!

Introduction to Pointe Work at The Heights

Click below for our handy guide to new pointe work starters!

Pointe Shoes Introduction

Pointe Prep Exercises

Below is a list of some of the strengthening and training exercises we carry out with our Y7s during Pointe Prep lessons in case you want to practice at home.

Foot Strengthening Exercises

The video below is a great example of the sorts of foot strengthening exercises that can be done with a theraband to help prepare you feet for pointe work!

Planet Dance, Middle Mill, Carlinghow Mills, 501 Bradford Road, Batley, West Yorkshire, WF17 8LL

Needing New Pointe Shoes?

We recommend Planet Dance.

The Planet Dance shop in Batley offers a huge range of pointe shoes with many different brands, styles, shapes and sizes. They truly offer a shoe for every type of foot. They also supply the Northern Ballet Company and regularly work with professional dancers. We know they may not be the closest location to our school, but at The Heights we believe that when it comes to taking care of your feet, the journey is definitely worth it. They offer pointe shoes fittings by appointment, follow the link below to visit their webpage.

Visit their 


page here.

Helpful tips for preparing your pointe shoes

My First Pointe Shoes - Video Resource

Follow the link below to access a great video resource for those new to pointe work or those who need a refresher! (Shared via GoogleDrive)

Pointe Work Video