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School Pickup

School pickup is available from Hallam Primary School on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. If you would like us to collect your child, please provide us with their year group, classroom and teacher's name, and inform their school teacher that we will be collecting them. Please return a completed copy of the permission form found in the Members' Area to a member of Heights staff. Send your child with a drink and a snack.

All pupils that are with us for longer periods (eg. 3 lessons in a row) are given drink and snack breaks between lessons so please send your child with appropriate snacks - no nuts/nut based products allowed for allergy purposes.

Class Schedule

See below or click here to download.

Masterclass Thursday/Friday Dates

Every 3rd week of the month!

Thursday = Y6 - Y8

Friday = Vocational (Y9 +) 

Winter Term:

17th & 18th September

16th & 17th October

19th & 20th November

17th & 18th December

Spring Term:

14th & 15th January

18th & 19th March

Summer Term:

20th & 21st May

17th & 18th June

July = Alternative Timetable

Alternative Timetable

At certain times during the year we run a reduced timetable. This Alternative Timetable is in place during the week before the Christmas Holiday, the week after the May Show, and from the first Saturday of July - the end of Summer term.

See below (click to enlarge the images) or download a copy here.